Lawn Care Equipment!

Lawn Care Equipment Guide

Besides the lawn mower, there is other lawn care equipment you need to keep your lawn in top shape. You’ll need manicuring tools for the lawn otherwise it will look shaggy.

If you spend all that work to get a green lawn, you don’t want it looking shaggy! Lawn care equipment is also necessary to keep weed from taking over, grass turning brown, sidewalks from cracking and leaves killing your grass.

The lawn care equipment you need to have on hand are rakes, spades, edger, trimmer, clipper, wheelbarrow, hose end sprayer, drop or broadcast spreader, aerator and lawn blower.

There are three types of rakes in the lawn care equipment arsenal. They are bamboo, metal leaf, and steel garden rakes. The bamboo and metal leaf rakes have pliable teeth that grip and gather leaves and grass clippings from your lawn.

They are also called fan rakes. Steel garden rakes have skinny handles and immobile steel teeth. This rake is best for smoothing soil, weeding, spreading compost, and covering seeds. Buy this rake with between 14 and 18 teeth.

The spade is necessary lawn care equipment as it is very useful in loosening up sod or when you need to dig in compacted soil. The squared off blade is sharper than a shovel.

A lawn edger adds a finishing touch to your lawn. Sidewalks and driveways look their best when you follow up mowing with an edger. You can use a hand held edger or a gas or electric motorized edger.

They will all keep grass and weeds from spilling over. The hand edger is lightweight and easy to use. Power edges are heavy and cumbersome but save time. I consider it a lawn care equipment necessity.

Trimmers are used to cut grass in places your mower can’t reach such as around trees, flower beds and sprinkler heads. There are gas powered or electric trimmers. The gas powered trimmers are the noisiest but the most powerful. Electric trimmers are quieter, lighter and can roam up to 100 feet.

Hand clippers are another part of your lawn care equipment. Hand clippers are needed in places where even the trimmer cannot operate. You have the ultimate control in what gets cut and what doesn’t. Keep the clippers sharp and oiled.

Hose end sprayers are a vital part of your lawn care equipment. They are the ideal choice for liquid fertilizer applications. A 20-gallon hose end sprayer will work for most jobs. I use a 6-gallon sprayer for bug control and a 10-gallon for weed applications.

To apply fertilizer, herbicides and other products you’ll need a drop or broadcast spreader as part of your lawn care equipment. Both have adjustable setting that matches application rates found on the back of fertilizer bags.

The drop spreader has little holes in the bottom that drops out fertilizer from the bottom of the spreader. They work best on medium and small lawns. Broadcast spreaders can be handheld or wheeled and sprays fertilizer over a wide area by use of a spinning wheel. It is not as accurate as the drop spreader.

To aerate your lawn you’ll need aerating sandals, golf shoes or rent an aerator machine. I use aerating sandals I bought from a lawn care equipment store. I strap them over my shoes and walk around the lawn.

Lawn blowers are noisy and expensive but they do clear your yard of leaves in a hurry. They can also be used to keep your driveway and sidewalk clear of grass clippings of leaves.

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