Finding the Best Used Lawn Mowers for Sale

Finding the Best Used Lawn Mowers for Sale

Used lawn mowers at times can be the best route to go when your budget is not enough to acquire a new mowing machine. This is not to say that buying a brand new one instead of a used one is a bad idea.

By all means, if you can afford it and the money is there, go ahead and get your lawn a new mower. Of course I believe you are well aware of the fact that; “behind every beautiful lawn, there is a superb lawn mower!

This means that having a strong, durable and rugged lawn mower is key to owning a well-kept and beautiful lawn that will attract admiration from your neighbors and friends.

Deciding to buy used lawn mowers is the easy part, knowing where you can find high quality used lawn mowers for sale can proof to be time-consuming and hectic especially when you don’t have any clue where to look. This is not supposed to be so!

That is why we hope that this webpage came at the right time to serve as your number one guide in finding and buying good quality second-hand mowing machines.

Things to consider before paying for any Lawn Mowing Machine

Different lawns have different specifications, dimensions, topography etc. and as such demands different mowers with distinct attributes. The following are some of the points you should give thoughts to before deciding on a particular mowing machine to buy.

Engine – The engine made of different mowers is probably a key factor worth considering before opting for any because it’s considered the livelihood for the any mower. A sound and rugged engine will deliver a superb grass mowing experience. When shopping, you will want to go with robust engines like Honda Engines and the likes.

Mode Of Operation – Here you simply have to decide which you will be more comfortable with; self-push or self-propel? The former is usually pushed by the user and in most cases is normally light in weight making it a easy to push. While the latter is self-propelled as the name implies. The con here is that the gasoline it requires for the self-propelling mechanism to function usually makes it a little heavier than self-push mowers.

Environmental pollution – Although not in all cases, the gasoline driven lawn mowers always tend to give out a fumy odor during and after usage which may pollute your surrounding environment hence you might what to consider this option when next you are out shopping for mowing machine.

Lawn Size – the size of the lawn mower you intend to buy is closely associated with the size of your lawn. For those with smaller lawn, 18 inches mower will be perfect whereas those with larger lawns may consider mowers from 20 inches as it covers much space for faster mowing experience.

Lawn topography – the physical condition of your lawn (even or uneven) is an important factor to put into consideration when planning for a new or used mowing machine. If you have an uneven lawn, then you are way off picking mowers with higher rear tires for easy maneuvering the uneven terrain of your lawn.

Price – irrespective of the price being amongst the factors to be considered before buying lawn mowing machines coming last, the price is probably the most important of all the factors listed above.

Don’t be in a rush, even after finding the ideal mower and unfortunately, its way beyond your initial budget, take some time and save…after all it is better to delay and get the best than to rush and get a poor performing grass-cutting machine.

Opting for Used Lawn Mowers for Sale: The Pros & Cons

Used lawn mowers for sale comes with lots of benefits and in the following paragraphs, we will get learn about some of the benefits that accrues from owing second-hand mowers.

First Hand Performance Intel on the Mower– buying a fairly-used mowing machine accord one the privilege of getting to know the “actual performance” of the mower against “expected performance”from the seller before making payment. This way, you have the chance of saving yourself the agony associated with purchasing faulty and poor performing lawn mowers

Access to Helpful Tips – Information on “what to do” and “not to do” in order for your mower to last longer and mow your lawn efficiently can easily obtained from the seller. This of course is based on the fact that; since the seller already own and operate the mower for a period of time, he/she probably knows the pros and cons of the mower in question.

Low Priced – This is perhaps the major reason why most people usually prefer to buy 2nd-grade lawn Mowers over brand new ones. Let’s face fact! We all love to get the good home and office appliances as cheap as possible whenever possible especially when the item is a question is still considered sound, healthy and effective in performing the task(s) it was originally designed to perform.

Fairly-used lawn mowing machines are therefore no exception, hence opting for the used ones proves to be cheaper and affordable when likened to new ones.

Top Three Lawn Mower Reviews – Our top three Picks

Black & Decker LM175 18-Inch 6-1/2 amp Electric Mower

 This is a sleek 18” cutting path and 100 ft. range mowing machine powered with a powerful 6.5 Amp Motor that makes cutting of grass easy and fun filled. Using Black & Decker LM175 Electric Mower in mowing your lawn will eliminate gas, oil, and tune-ups worries as its operation requires none of those.

And in case you are still not sure if this is an ideal mower for you, then the following key features of this lawn mowing unit should help you make the decision.

Easy to start: turn it on and start! That’s how simple it is to start this mower without any yanking of rope.

Quietness: while this electric mower is not super-quite, it is relatively quiet when in use compared to other mowers in its class.

Odorless: the gas fume smell associated with other gasoline driven used lawn mowers is not common with this machine.

Relatively light in weight: the absence of gasoline makes it light weighted and easy to push as compared to other mowing machines that are gasoline powered.


Here are some the Cons associated with this mower worth considering before parting with your hard earned money.

Cord: since it comes without battery, it means that the mower is attached to an electric socket the whole time while mowing. While this has not been an issue for me, I deemed it necessary to mention it as others might not find maneuvering the cord around okay.

Smaller Mulching Bag: for its smaller size mulching bag, you will have to empty the bag about 8 -10 times while mowing which to an extent can be very inconvenience and frustrating.

Conclusion: Black & Decker LM175 Electric Mower from Black and Decker is a powerful machine ideal for the small lawn. So if you are looking for a mower for small yards, then this might be okay…but should you be in the market for machines for a much bigger lawn, then you might want to look elsewhere!

Greenworks 25022 12 Amp 20-in 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25022 12 Amp 20-in 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower is crafted from robust steel of 20 inches and a 12Amp motor with its cutting deck delivering high performance and durability.


Mow Faster: this machine measures 20 inches against the common 18 inches counterparts hence enabling you to mow faster by covering greater space than 18 inches mowing machines. Also its smaller shroud blade enables you to get closer to the edge of your flower bed and mow easily.

Large Rear Tires: probably one of the biggest among mowers! This makes for easy maneuvering over flower beds and unbalance terrain

Cord Holder: the built in cord holder makes it super easy to manage the mower cord and can also be moved from side to side.

Weight: contrary to expectations, this mower is extremely light in weight and can be pushed with one hand while answering your cell phone with the other hand if the need arises.

Conclusion: all in all this is an excellent mowing machine for a relatively large lawn. This machine has all the features you can possibly need in an electric mower ranging from; ruggedness, elegant & stylish design, durability, speed, less noise etc. no wonder it’s our top pick!

Husqvarna 7021p 21-Inch 160cc Honda Gcv160 Gas Powered 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower with High Rear Wheels

The Husqvarna 7021p Gas Powered 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower with High Rear Wheels has a size of 21 inches and is powered with an excellent 160cc Honda GVC160 engine. Unlike other electric mowers that require no gas to run, this Husqvarna 7021p is Gas Powered suitable for mowing smaller lawns.


– It has dual bearing wheels that make it easy to push around.

– Ability to mulch leaves and grasses.

– Honda Engine GCV160

– High rear wheels for maneuvering uneven lawns.

– Gas cut off switch. This enables the user to off the gas and run dry any remaining gas in the engine carburetor before putting it off for storage.


– All the four wheels cannot be adjusted at once to desired height, rather you will have to individually adjust them.

Finally, some of the places you can find some good used lawn mowers for sale include; Amazon, Ebay etc.

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